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Facilitate mission accomplishment with SkilledUp™

We've curated hundreds of free online courses, videos, and downloadable guides to support the most common nonprofit jobs including Fundraising, Grant Writing, Leadership, Governance, Accounting and Finance, Operations, Marketing and Communications, Volunteer Engagement, and Project and Program Management.


Financial Management Essentials Certificate 2 hours, 45 minutes Material Transforming Nonprofit Business Models 8 minutes Material Operating Reserves and Policy Example 15 minutes Material Building Multiple Revenue Sources 2 hours, 15 minutes Material Managing Cash Flow 15 minutes Online Class Basic Budgeting for Non-financial Professionals 28 minutes Video Capital Supports Mission 1 hour Curriculum Financial Management for Humanitarian and Development Professionals (FMD Pro) 2 hours, 30 minutes Online Class Nonprofit Accounting 1 hour, 30 minutes Video Revisioning Overhead 2 minutes Video Fundamentals of Nonprofit Budgeting 4 minutes Video An Appreciation of Depreciation 3 minutes Video Understanding Cost Allocation 2 minutes Video The S Word: In Pursuit of Sustainability 50 minutes Video True Program Costs 55 minutes Video Fiscal Sponsorship: What and Why? 4 minutes Video Understanding Restricted Funds 3 minutes Video Understanding Reserves 3 minutes Material Managing Restricted Funds 9 minutes Material 10 Step Annual Budget Checklist 3 minutes Video Understanding Cash Flow 3 minutes Curriculum Think Money First! 4 hours, 25 minutes


Nonprofit Board Member Essentials Certificate 2 hours, 35 minutes Material Board Chair and Executive Director Relationship: Power, Communication, and Risk 1 hour Video Board Roles and Responsibilities 5 minutes Video Non-Governing Boards as Pipelines for Diverse, Equitable, & Inclusive Leadership 1 hour, 20 minutes Video Introduction to Policy Governance (1 of 2) 23 minutes Video Introduction to Policy Governance (2 of 2) 38 minutes Curriculum Board Governance: What’s Your Strategy? 1 hour, 16 minutes Online Class Be an Effective Board Member 10 minutes Video How the Board of Directors Impacts Non-Profit Success 3 minutes Video The Effective Board Chair 7 minutes Video 7 Lessons Learned from Nonprofit Leaders 1 hour, 20 minutes Video Financial Info and Your Board 4 minutes Online Class The Role of Nonprofit Board Members in Revenue Generation 45 minutes Material The Executive Directors Guide: Governance 50 minutes


Creating a Fundraising Plan 31 minutes Curriculum Major Donor Fundraising 51 minutes Curriculum Fundraising Essentials Certificate 2 hours Video Beginner’s Guide to Engaging Donors with SMS Text 20 minutes Video NFT Fundraising Ideas for Charity 12 minutes Video How to Use Email Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations 8 minutes Online Class Virtual Fundraising Events 30 minutes Video How to Find Donors Online 10 minutes Video 5 Ways to Attract Millennials To Donate 4 minutes Material The Nonprofit Growth Guide 1 hour, 30 minutes Material The Quick Start Guide to Recurring Giving 40 minutes Video Hidden Gems in Your Donor Database: Interview with Steven Shattuck 10 minutes Material The Nonprofit’s Guide to Pitching Corporate Sponsors 1 hour, 30 minutes Material How to Create a Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser Toolkit 30 minutes Video How to Do Influencer Marketing for Nonprofits 6 minutes Video Messaging What Matters: Making Meaning to Make a Difference 1 hour Video WebTalks - Donor Management Systems: The Essentials for Nonprofits 20 minutes Material The Guide to Millennial Giving 1 hour, 48 minutes Material The Donor Retention Handbook 1 hour, 30 minutes Material Multichannel Fundraising Strategies 45 minutes Material The Online Fundraising Assessment 1 hour, 45 minutes Online Class Raise Money Like a Pro 10 minutes Material Executive Directors Guide to Fund Development 1 hour Created by Director of NonprofitReady Playlist Storytelling for Fundraising


Grant Seeking Essentials Certificate 2 hours 45 minutes Material Grant Stewardship Checklist 10 minutes Video Introduction to Corporate Giving 58 minutes Material Grant Writing for Novices 1 hour, 30 minutes Material Acquiring Public Grants 1 hour, 36 minutes Material Managing Public Grants 1 hour, 33 minutes Online Class Proposal Writing 10 minutes Video Making Your Case for Grant Support 45 minutes Online Class Get Grant Ready 8 minutes Online Class Writing Grant Reports 10 minutes